Leadership Development

In today’s globalized era, management of human resource has become very complex. Organizations are required to manage people for deriving the competitive advantage for business and growth. Organizations need a new cadre of HRM professionals who are skilled and engage themselves in strategic activities rather than in the traditional IR or personnel management areas. The HRM professionals should think, lead and act like business heads, assisting the CEOs in creating competitive advantage and fulfill their vision of growth through appropriate leadership in people management and practices. HRM leadership activities today are entirely different from the HRM that has dominated the scene all these years is intended to take candidates with minimum three years experience and put them through a rigorous one year professional development program under the guidance of renowned faculty.

There is today a shortage of HRM managers with exposure to strategic and functional management, and also a shortage of functional managers with a high order of people management skills. The program uniquely addresses the HRM implications of effective strategic, operating and functional management. The program aims to create top class HRM leaders who can assist CEOs in actualizing their visions for the organization, and to enlarge the HRM competencies of other functional managers so that they can become exceptional people managers. Those undergoing the program can expect to occupy senior level multi-functional roles in due course. The program aims to create a class of managers who can drive the management and technological innovations required for ensuring a global footprint for the organization.

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