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CEO Conlaves : Purpose

A new initiative of the Academy is CEO Forum, designed to bring together CEOs, HRD heads, and academics for conversations on how Indian industry can meet global challenges through HRD. The idea is to initiate a series of brainstorms at the sectoral level (e.g. financial sector, SMEs, IT and related services), culminating into national and international conferences that are backed by case studies and academic research, and resulting in publications of findings and best practices.

HRM for Meeting CEO Priorities in the Banking and Financial Sector

A CEO Conclave in the banking and financial sectors was organized on 24th August, 2007. Dr. Pradip N. Khandwala was the Conclave Chairman who also did a research to find out how far the expectations of the CEOs in HRM are being met and identifying areas of future transformation in the banking industry.

The resource persons included some of Academy’s Board Members (Dr. Anil K. Khandelwal, Chairman-AHRD; Dr. Udai Pareek, Distinguished Visiting Faculty-IIHMR; Dr. Pradip N. Khandwalla, former Director, IIM-A; Dr. Sunil Maheshwari, Professor, IIM-A; Dr. TV Rao, Professor, IIM-A), four CEOs of PSUs ( Dr. Anil K.Khandelwal, Bank of Baroda, Mr. M.B.N.Rao, Canara Bank, Mr. M.V. Nair, Union Bank of India and Dr. K.C. Chakrabarty, PNB), two CEOs of Private Sector Banks (Mr. K. V. Kamath, ICICI Bank and Mr. Rana Kapur of Yes Bank) and two CEOs from Foreign Banks (Mr. Gunit Chadha, Deutsche Bank and Mr. Neeraj Swaroop, Standard Chartered Bank).

Three HR Chiefs of highly recognized professional organizations ( Mr. Satish Pradhan of Tata Group, Mr. Visty F. Banaji of Godrej & Mr. Arvind Agarwal of RPG) and Mr. Shyam Vishwanathan of Grow Talent made presentations. The conference attended by nearly 100 people (CEOs and HR Heads) was well received and was an excellent beginning.


Conclave on HRM for meeting CEO Priorities in the Banking and Financial Services Sectors, jointly organized by the Academy and Indian Banks’ Association.

Developing Leadership for the Global Era – HRD Perspectives and Initiatives


The Academy membership is now open to organizations, individual HRD professionals, HRD students and all other managers and professionals who are keen to learn about HRD and apply it in their work and life. The membership with the Academy will be a catalyst for staying in touch with the field and contribute to the field of HRD by sharing experiences in various forums/publications.


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